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ePortal is your secured gateway to the NSPA applications. To directly access these applications, registered users can click on any of the product names below.


eCIS is a web application that provides a secure access to information related to SAP ERP business transactions occurring between NSPA and its partners.

NSPA personnel and partners may request access by contacting the eCIS service desk at eCIShelp@nspa.nato.int.

The electronic NATO Ammunition Data Base is a powerful ammunition dedicated search tool.

  - Technical and logistics information on ammunition used by NATO and non-NATO nations
  - Cross-references between Ammunition Data and Publications
  - Publications Library

The eNADB is available to authorized Government and commercial entities on an annual subscription basis.

For further information, please connect to the NSPA website or contact nadb@nspa.nato.int.

Infohub is a document and information management web application designed to provide a secure means to share information between NSPA and partners.

NSPA personnel and partners may request access by contacting the appropriate NSPA POD, or the Infohub service desk at infohubhelp@nspa.nato.int.

Technical Support Applications for MLRS and PzH2000.

Controlled access restricted to the participating countries of the ARMS and LCV SPCs.

If you require further information or technical assistance, please send an email to LANDSYS@nspa.nato.int.

The NATO @lectronic Materiel Support Information System (N@MSIS) is the on-line business portal for electronic Materiel Support Services currently supporting the two helicopter weapon systems NH90 and TIGER. It automates to the maximum extent possible the logistics processes agreed upon with the NSPA partners for the spare parts provisioning cycle from price information to electronic invoicing and payment.

If you need further information, please contact nemsishelp@nspa.nato.int.

The NDA is a web-based application that provides secure access to information related to the management and control of NATO Deployable Assets (NDA).
The NDA application is available to authorized ACO personnel and to dedicated NSPA personnel.

For further information or technical support, please contact the NDA service desk at NDAhelp@nspa.nato.int.
The NATO Logistics Stock Exchange is a fully-secured, web-based application that supports the joint management of materiel among the COMMIT Partnership nations.

This joint management is mainly based on visibility of national inventories, redistribution of assets among the partners and consolidated procurement facilitated by access to Outline Agreements available for immediate online ordering in a modern, electronic, paperless environment.

For further information or technical support please contact nlsehelpdesk@nspa.nato.int.

The NATO Mailbox System (NMBS) is the NSPA EDI service used by NSPA and its business partners to integrate and exchange electronic messages in a highly reliable manner.  

Through different secure communication channels, NMBS acts as hub which facilitates information flow between applications located at different sites.  

For further information or technical support, please contact nmbshelp@nspa.nato.int.

The NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics contains codification information from each NATO and sponsored countries' National Codification Bureau.

It is accessible to governmental and private entities, having contracted an active subscription.

For more information connect to:
Subscription support:
Technical support:
           nmcrl-web@nspa.nato.int or

SORT is a secure web-based application, which provides visibility of available resources in military theatres in support of multinational logistics.

You may request access to this tool by contacting the SORT service desk at SORThelp@nspa.nato.int.

SUPDOC is a document repository for official NSPO documents reserved for NSPO officials (officially designated national representatives to the NSPO Board of Directors and Subsidiary Committees).

If you are a NSPO official you may request access by contacting the SUPDOC service desk at

Please read this important warning to suppliers.
The NSPA ePortal contains a new eProcurement module which in addition to an improved eBid application also hosts Future Business Opportunities – advanced notification of future large procurement opportunities and the ability to view and bid upon both Notices of Intent (NOIs) and Requests For Proposals (RFPs) for Infrastructure Projects.

The NATO Codification System - NCS
While all armed forces must maintain their equipment in a perpetual state of operational readiness to ensure the sovereignty of their nation, the equipment must be supported throughout its life cycle. Armed forces must concurrently realise savings by avoiding duplication and simplifying administration. As a result, NATO nations have developed a common codification system whose data is incorporated in various tools.

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