The World Codification Forum on 24-25 May 2017 Melbourne, Australia, is a unique opportunity to engage with experts in logistics data operating globally.
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The Forum will expand on the Codification System that uses a “common language” enabling global identification of materiel and equipment, irrespective of the native tongue of the user. The NATO Codification Catalogue (17Milion Stock Number) will be demonstrated and all attendees will be presented will trial access to NMCRL allowing viewing governmental difficult to locate data.

We invite you to attend to the World Codification Forum to be held this year in Melbourne, Australia. Under the theme “Connecting global logistics through technology”, Forum will concentrate on improving the quality of supplier data, greater interconnectivity between all partners, opportunity for suppliers and consumers and ultimately better material identification by those involved in the Logistics Chain.

Welcome to the online NATO Codification tools published by AC/135 (
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NEW Online Training
National Codification Bureau of Republic of Korea provides Online Training on NATO Codification System.
5 online training courses in English and French are available here

Dear NMCRL WEB customers,

The new web version of NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics has been deployed.
NMCRL Version 3.0 has a new design as well as data adjustments and functionality improvements.
Be careful, from this version, to display contextual menus, you have to use the Right Click.

The most significant changes are:
  • inclusion of data with NIIN Status Code 9;
  • inclusion of statistics data (Last update date, Number of NSN, Number of Part Number, Number of NCAGE, Number of User);
  • improvements to batch module;
  • implementation of a new Query Builder Search Engine allowing customers more variability in their queries in Item of Supply and NCAGE modules.
There is also improvement in ACodP-2/3 related to full text search capabilities in definitions of item names and classification groups and classes.

Please do not hesitate to contact NSPA Technical support at with any questions or suggestions for improvement.
NEW on CAGE/NCAGE Tool Now available in French

CAGE/NCAGE Tool allows now to :
  • search on all NATO and non-NATO CAGE Codes;
  • request a new CAGE/NCAGE Code for NATO or TIER2 entities;
  • request S-CAGE (non-NATO entities) or I-CAGE (International entities) codes;
  • propose updates on any existing and active CAGE/NCAGE Codes.
The access to this tool is free (no subscription is required).

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The NMCRL contains codification information from each NATO and sponsored countries' National Codification Bureau.

It is accessible to governmental and private entities, having contracted an active subscription.

For more information connect to .

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This Allied Codification Publication contains data on NATO Classification (ACodP-2) and Item Names (ACodP-3) with definitions in 19 languages:

  • ACodP-2 shows all Groups and Classes with their respective definitions and any appropriate inclusions or exclusions for use in classifying Items of Supply.
  • ACodP-3 lists all Approved Item Names, Basic Names, their definitions together with appropriate inclusions and exclusions and Colloquial Names and serves as the internationally agreed dictionary of Approved Item Names required in the preparation of all Item Identification.
The access to the multilingual ACodP-2/3 search tool is free.