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Dear NMCRL DVD customer,

As announced earlier in 2014, the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) will terminate production of NMCRL on DVD media at the beginning of 2016.

As an alternative to the current NMCRL-DVD, NSPA will introduce the NMCRL Offline product with the same types of licenses (single, up to 5, up to 20)

NSPA will provide NMCRL-DVD customers with the same range of data via an online download feature. Every 2 months, current NMCRL DVD customers will be able to download the NMCRL data onto any storage device from a PC connected to the public Internet, and then to copy/install the data onto any PC. Starting 2017, data downloads will be available on a monthly basis.

Customers who are currently only subscribing to the NMCRL-DVD product (single, up to 5, up to 20 licenses) are kindly asked to provide NSPA with contact information concerning their future Master Administrator by filling out and submitting the NMCRL DVD Master Administrator Contact Information Form below.

NSPA will grant those Master Administrators the necessary rights for downloading data. Master Administrator credentials will be distributed to new Master Administrators via email in Nov. – Dec. 2015.

Customers who subscribe to NMCRL Pack (DVD + Web) will be able to use NMCRL Web Master Administrator credentials for downloads of NMCRL Offline data via an online download feature.

Thank you for your cooperation,
The NMCRL Team

For further assistance refer to Subscription Support or Technical Support

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